Gold Scale Top

Purple & Red Scale necklace
Gold Scale Bracelet

Personalized & Handmade Chainmail Pieces

Choose from Fine Sterling Silver & Gold Jewellery pieces; Necklaces & Earrings, Rubber-Mail harnesses, tops, dresses and G-strings..

All pieces are hand made and can be design specifically to suit your requirements..  Looking for that special gift?  A choker, collar or necklace? - or perhaps some chainmail Armour? 

My designs have have evolved over the last 5 years - using many different materials - such as silver, gold, niobium, steel, rubber and anodised aluminium.

Some of the latest pieces include a chandelier & table cloth, as well as some lovely fine jewellery pieces made from Gold & Silver.

Please enjoy. I would love to hear your feedback.

AngelAnne - - 0418 450 506

.... Creative & unique chainmail designed for the individual ....
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